Kids & Expressions

"Kids & Expressions" is an Activity Centre for kids age group 3 years to 12 years. Children express themselves through different art forms...They express through dance, singing,children and colours are Self expression......Creative dance and movement, Bollywood Freestyle, Western, Punjabi, Singing, Art and Creative activities, Pottery,Specially designed Phonic sounds program for 3,6 yrs to 7yrs old kids, Story telling sessions, Puppetry,Preparing for Competitions like Rhymes Recitation competitions, Clay moulding competitions and many more activities..Kids learn through fun...summer camps, winter camps, Diwali special, Christmas special, theatre, drama..separate evening classes available..different time slots....

The concept of The Kids & Expressions is based upon the All–round Development of children; which means, along with elevating them academically, giving them consistent, measured, monitored & quality sessions of not only Personality but Intellectual, Creative & Emotional Developments as well. This will develop them into brighter, more aware, responsive & creative teenagers; which will indeed form the basis of their overall wholesome development for their competitive futures..

We ensure that each and every child is encouraged and supported in order to achieve their fullest potential and build on the culture of excellence and values. Our USP is the Value Based Education which we impart to the children from this young age.

Meet Our Founder

Supriya Banerjee Vashisht

" Kids & Expressions".....specially designed for kids between the age group 3yrs to 12yrs.....Dance Singing art and creative activities Phonic sounds..

Some Words from Parents

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